How to wisely purchase immersion blender

An immersion blender is a very useful piece of appliance to have in your kitchen. If can help you in most of your blending and pureeing tasks. It is an ideal choice for people who make soups, baby food and sauces on a regular basis. When it comes to selecting one for your kitchen, your choice can be a tough one since there are so many different varieties available in the market. Here are some of the key features you need to keep in mind when making your selection:


Immersion blenders come with a wide range of motor powers ranging from 100 watts to 500 watts. The greater the power, the more its capability to perform heavy duty tasks like crushing ice and the higher its price. Therefore if you want your immersion blender to process heavy foods and crush ice, invest in a good quality high powered immersion blender.

Speed controls:

Some more advanced immersion blenders have 4 to 6 speed controls to offer more precision in blending tasks while most standard ones have only two options; high and low. Ensure that the buttons are easy to press since it can be difficult to press the buttons while holding the blender in the liquid. Soft touch controls are most convenient to operate.


More advanced models like Cuisinart CSB-79 have a wider range of attachments available with the product to add to the range of tasks they can perform. They may have specific attachments for chopping, whisking, whipping, frothing and more. If you are more interested in a particular task, look for a hand blender with an attachment for that. The cheaper, standard quality immersion blenders will have little or no attachments and are suitable for only the basic blending tasks.


The shaft of the immersion blender that gets immersed in the liquid can be of metal or plastic. Metal is more suitable especially if you use it to blend hot liquids frequently. Metal is more durable and will maintain its color and shape longer than plastic.

Weight and grip:

Weight and grip are important to consider as you would be holding the immersion blender while it blends for you. A heavyweight blender will make you tired quickly. A lightweight immersion blender with an ergonomic grip on the other hand will be easy to handle with one hand.

Easy to clean:

Check if the shaft and all of its attachments are easy to clean by hand. It is a real plus if the shaft is detachable and dishwasher safe along with the attachments. Most good quality best immersion blenders have a well designed blade that prevents food from getting stuck.


Warranty is very important for you to use it safely without any fear of damage. A good quality immersion blender will come with at least an year warranty from the manufacturer. It is not advisable to buy a immersion blender which gives no warranty.

Keeping in mind these features along with the price and your requirements you can select the perfect immersion blender for your kitchen.

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